UltraGuard Lifetime Limited Warranty

UltraGuard Vinyl Fencing and Railing are warranted against the specified defects in material and workmanship occurring as a direct result of the manufacturing process, under normal use and service, during the period of time stated and subject to the terms and conditions of this Warranty.

Vinyl Fencing and Vinyl Railing materials are warranted against manufacturing the defects in material and workmanship that result in blistering, peeling, flaking, and abnormal weathering and discoloration. For an entity other than a living person, or a commercial or retail application, or for a property with multiple owners, this Limited Warranty will be for a period of 30 years.

Any claims for defects under this Limited Warranty must be made to UltraGuard, P.O. Box 150, Akron, Ohio, 44309, within the warranty period and promptly after discovery of the claimed defect, describing the defect claimed, together with the proof of purchase. A reasonable time should be allowed for inspection purposes. If, after inspection, the Manufacturer determines that the claim is in accordance with the terms of the Limited Warranty, then the Manufacturer agrees at its option to replace the section or part of the product, or refund the original purchase price or the prevailing cost of the product in the geographical area whichever shall be less. Labor, installation and any similar costs are excluded herein and shall not be paid by the Manufacturer.

The Manufacturer does not warrant metal components, installation or defects caused by installation. This Limited Warranty is void if any of the following occurs: (a) improper application techniques; (b) misuse, neglect or improper storage; (c) altering or changing the product by reason of applied heat, welding, solvents, epoxies or any other alteration beyond the Manufacturer's control; (d) impact of objects, fire, flood, hurrican, tornado or other storms or casuly, or Acts of God; (e) painting the surface of the product; (f) adverse effects of chemical pollution and normal weathering of surfaces; (g) components are used in the application that are not manufactured or distributed by UltraGuard.

The Manufacturer of this product does not recommend or approve this product for all possible end use applications. The appropriate local Code Authority should be consulted as to its safety and applicability for intended usage. This Limited Warranty shall be for the benefit of the Original Purchaser-Property Owner only and shall not be transferable.

Ultra Aluminum - Warranty

Ultra Aluminum fence and railing products are guaranteed for life against defects in workmanship and/or materials. The Powercoat finish on all fencing and railing by Ultra Aluminum is unconditionally guaranteed for life against cracking, peeling or chipping.

If the product should fail in accordance with any of the above conditions, the manufacturer, Ultra Aluminum, guarantees replacement or renewal of the defective parts, providing the purchaser has registered the purchase within thirty (30) days of receipt of material. Notice of such a failure will be sent to the manufacturer in writing together with a proof of purchase and will specify the nature of the defect and when it was first observed.

Should the fences be improperly installed, Ultra will not be responsible for guaranteed performance or appearance of material. Neither does this guarantee apply where failure or damage is due to improper use or application, abuse or misuses, extreme environmental conditions or acts of God.

Ultra reserves the right to request return of the fence, transportation charges prepaid, for the purpose of inspecting the material to determine the validity of the claim.

Upon validation of a claim by Ultra, replacement will be made from the factory only for material which will be returned to the factory in Howell, Michigan, transportation prepaid. Material must not be returned to the factory without prior authorization from Ultra.

Manufacturer's liability is discharged upon delivery of material to site. Manufacturer will not be responsible for reinstallation. Manufacturer is not responsible and no other agreement, written or implied, is valid. This guarantee is not transferable.

An official copy of the actual, executed warranty will be provided to you by your Ultra Dealer.